Scholarships for the best students, natives of Sangerei

The administration of the District Council of Sangerei met the students who are native of this territorial-administrative unity

At the initiative of Sangerei district administration and Rectorship of ULIM, there will be awarded scholarships to the best students from this territorial-administrative unity. In the context of anniversary events, at the invitation of the academician Andrei Galben, native of Sloveanca, Sangerei district, there was organized at ULIM a meeting of president Vasili Marandiuc and vice-president Mihail Birsan of Sangerei with the students.

Following a prior agreement of ULIM’s rector with the district leaders, there was decided the award of scholarships of 3000 lei per month for almost 15 best students from this territorial-administrative unity.

The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM

PHOTO: Andrei Colta

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