Speech – Inauguration of the new 2010-2011 academic year

Good afternoon!

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself taking into consideration that there are mainly first-year students, I’m Andrei Galben, Rector of ULIM.

Dear Mr. Interim President of the Republic of Moldova,

President of Parliament – Mihai Ghimpu!

Dear Mrs. Prime vice-rector of ULIM,

deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova – Ana Guţu!

Dear students, professors, parents, distinguished guests!

I have a noble mission today to address a congratulation message to You dedicated to the ceremony of inauguration of the new study year 2010-2011. It’s a tradition that the academic year begins from this hall of the National Palace, the most important one from the Republic of Moldova, further it continues in one of the most splendid buildings from the heart of the capital – ULIM, edifice which brings a lot of luck. Today the ULIM’s graduates occupy high ranking positions  in all the public and private institutions from the country, international organizations accredited in the Republic of Moldova and  those with whom ULIM collaborates abroad.

I have a major weakness – I’m the hostage to the idea of Europeanization and globalization process. I advice You to meditate and realize the significance of this important phenomenon. Together, and especially you are the future of this country, the future of Europe, the material and spiritual welfare of this nation, of Europe and the world in general, depends on you – future generation.

As a university professor, I started delivering a special course focused on fatal effect of the Spanish-Portuguese, Belgian, French and other colonial empires from abroad. Today ULIM has not only representation, but it has its own branch in Sudan, we are going to inaugurate our subsidiary in Cameroon and together with my friend Anatol Stati  we intend to expand in Iraq.

It would be impossible to get all these achievements only with our own efforts. We have colleagues in institutions from abroad with whom we collaborate and who have given already their consent in order to promote the most important: professors from the USA, Germany, Romania, Russia, Italy. They will work in our branches, representing ULIM and the Republic of Moldova – for this it makes sense to live and to sacrifice.  The capacity of getting knowledge, the possibility of affirming yourself depends only on You, try to remove the inferiority syndrome, don’t be afraid to evaluate yourself and to be remarked. In today’s conditions the future of this country depends only on You, moreover I want to mention that at ULIM over 3000 students are studying, post graduate students from Romania, among them there are 5 senators and MPs from the Senate and Parliament of Romania.

We intend to attract as many as possible professors from abroad  to be involved in  the educational process and daily activity of ULIM.  In this context, I introduce my dear colleague, Mr. Gerhard Ohrband, citizen of Germany who is vice-rector for International Cooperation at ULIM, he speaks fluently 22 languages. After His arrival, the character of international relations at ULIM was so much boosted, so much developed, that today, we, ULIM entered the number of those 5000 important universities from the world. Today, ULIM is the fourth institution, after Technical University, ASEM and State University, and if we make efforts, if You understand and realize that You came at ULIM not for staying in row for getting a diploma, but for affirming You, then we surely we’ll be the first in the republic and much further in Europe. That’s why, I advice You to understand and realize that ULIM isn’t an ordinary institution. ULIM is an elite institution. Here are studying young people with a high level of training, and intelligence. That’s why I’m inviting You to respect strictly the University Charter, the Regulations of Internal Order, to be an example for your family, for those who surround You, for this country, for this nation.

I wish you a prosperous academic year!

Good luck!