Rector Andrei Galben: “ULIM’s students should the best of the best”

At ULIM was held the annual scientific conference Symposia Studentium, Magistrum, Doctorandum-2016 organized by the Faculty of Letters and Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Journalism.

At the opening session, Rector Andrei Galben addressed welcoming remarks to the participants. “Finding our place among civilized people is possible only through the trained youth. Self-confidence is important, competitiveness, along with representatives of other nations, removing indifference syndrome.

I want ULIM’s students to be clearly superior to older generations, able to self-propel, not being slaves of foreign thoughts. ULIM students should the best of the best “, stated ULIM’s Rector.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM

ULIM’s internationality and multiculturalism, played in a performance of international students

Today, on World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day, students from South Korea, China, Congo, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia who study at ULIM, play a great show. The show was attended by Rector Andrei Galben, senior vice-rector Ana Gutu and deans of ULIM.

“The show is a replica of peace, in the context of frequent terrorist attacks and wars. Where, if not at ULIM, can you see all the beauty and cultural diversity of peoples?! And there is no better place than ULIM to admire the charm of ladies from many countries, ” says Miguel Malonga, a IInd year student at the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Journalism.

Rector Andrei Galben thanked foreign students for this great event, noting the importance of human cohesion, friendly relations between people, regardless of nationality or religion, ULIM being a strong voice of peace in the world, inter-university cooperation model for other universities from Moldova and abroad.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM

UN Information Center
Gercheva Dafina, Resident Coordinator in Moldova, delighted to cooperate with ULIM

Today, ULIM has opened the eighth edition of the Conference Symposia Investigatio Bibliotheca organized annually at ULIM by the Library Information Department. At this event , the leading specialists in this sphere from Moldova debate issues of modernization and promotion of new services and informational products offered to public by university libraries.

The event started with the inauguration of the UN Information Centre, as in the great universities of the world, with the participation of the Rector Andrei Galben, Prime vice-rector Ana Gutu, Dafina Gercheva, the UN Resident Coordinator, Permanent Representative of United Nations Development Program to Moldova and  Elena Cerna, Deputy Minister of Education. (more…)

Rector Andrei Galben: “Young people studying Chinese, have made an excellent choice”

A great show dedicated to the Chinese New Year, the 2016 Spring Festival was organized by the “Confucius” Institute of ULIM, at the National Theatre “Mihai Eminescu” . The performers were the young artists who study Chinese at ULIM, from “Mihail Berezovschi”,and “Socrates” high schools and even the little ones from “Lăstărel” kindergarten.

The event was attended by Andrei Galben, the rector of ULIM, Zhang Yinghong,  the Ambassador of China to Moldova, Mihai Sleahtitchi the adviser on culture, education and science of the President, representatives of Chinese companies, the Chinese Language Center from Balti,  the Center of Chinese Medicine in Moldova etc.

Chinese education system ranked V-th in the world

Rector Andrei Galben congratulated the Chinese community of Moldova on that occasion, speaking about the tradition ULIM has, since the founding of the Institute “Confucius”, to chart the most important event of the year of Chinese, with the participation of many personalities from Moldova and abroad. (more…)

The US Ambassador attended a public lecture at ULIM

His Excellency James D. Pettit, US Ambassador to Moldova, paid a visit to ULIM, to participate in a public lecture about the Holocaust, by Mr. Paul Shapiro, director of the “Mandel” Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies.

He is a renowned researcher who over the years has significantly expanded the international archives of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and one of the coauthors of the 2004 International Commission report on the Holocaust in Romania. Paul Shapiro is in Moldova, to organize several public lectures in academic institutions.

Andrei Galben, ULIM’s rector, thanked the guests  about the idea of ​​organizing the event, in order to avoid such a phenomenon in the future. “Although they were not  Jewish, my parents took part in the rescue of several Jews. In July 1941, in Pepni village over four hundred Jewish were killed. Despite the dangers that they were exposed to, my mother and father had saved two families, which were to be killed.

Together with the Jewish diaspora we have risen in Pepeni a memorial of that massacre, Andrei Glaben states. (more…)

At the end of his mission, the Ambassador of China, Tong Mingtao, vows to support ULIM

At the end of his mission, the Ambassador of China, Tong Mingtao, vows to support ULIM

At the end of his mandate, his Excellency, Tong Mingtao, the Ambassador of the Republic of China to Moldova, attended a meeting with the administration of ULIM. He thanked the Rector Andrei Galben for the excellent cooperation, thanks to whom he managed to know the political situation and culture of our people, but also to inform the Beijing government on the true realities of Moldova. His Excellency showed satisfaction regarding the development of cooperation with the Confucius Institute at ULIM, an excellent platform for studying Chinese language and acquiring knowledge about Chinese traditions.

Tong Mingtao considers the contribution of ULIM management essential to the great international success as an example is the 2013 Award of Excellence for the Institute Confucius from ULIM in the framework of the VIII International Conference of Confucius Institutes. Chinese Ambassador pledges to support ULIM through diplomatic channels even after the end of his mandate to Moldova.

Andrei Galben affirms the strong interest of the academic community of the university for cooperation with China. ULIM became an active partner in education and research with China. Especially since the 2009 inauguration of the Confucius Institute an ever-growing interest of young generation to the language and culture of China has been recorded. More than 600 000 dollars were invested by ULIM in the development of the Institute and the results are tangible. Andrei Galben believes that during the three year mandate at Chisinau, the Ambassador Tong Mingtao has left deep tracks in bilateral relations between our countries.

The meeting was attended by Nicolae Țâu, the vice-rector for International Relations and Director of “Confucius” Institute of Moldova.

(Română) Ambasadorul Indoneziei: ”Vrem să mărim numărul studenților care vin în RM și a celor de aici, în Indonezia”

Today, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, there was the first visit to ULIM His Excellency, Diar Nurbintoro, the Ambassador of Indonesia to Moldova. He had a meeting with  the rector Galben and  the vice-rector for international cooperation and academic partnerships of ULIM, Igor Munteanu.

The event was held in the context of excellent bilateral cooperation between ULIM and the Embassy of Indonesia, which in 2011 ushered the Indonesia Aula. Later a cooperation agreement was signed. Since then, the diplomatic mission contributes to boosting relations between Moldova and the Republic of Indonesia, by providing academic scholarships and organizing special events.

The “DARMASISWA” Scholarship Program

We remind that on December, 20, 2013 Marianna Sutadi, former Ambassador of Indonesia to Moldova residing in Bucharest ended her diplomatic mission in our country through an grea event – presenting for the first time, the program of scholarships “DARMASISWA” supported by the Indonesian government. It aimed at providing scholarships for students from different countries (Details for the academic year 2015-2016 here:

Rector Andrei Galben: “We opt for unique educational systems”

Under the current meeting, the Indonesian Ambassador proposed the revival of academic cooperation between ULIM and certain academic and scientific centers in the country. He stated: “We want to provide more opportunities for Moldovan students in Indonesia and Indonesian students in Moldova, especially in education, social policies, and mutual understanding. Inaugurarea “Aulei Indonezia”, aprilie 2011Any active student of ULIM has theoretical chances to benefit from our degree program opportunities,” the Ambassador Diar Nurbintoro said in his discussions with the administration of ULIM.

In turn, the rector of ULIM highlighted the importance of the current cooperation agreement for academic mobility of the Embassy of Indonesia signed with ULIM. Basically, he stated: “It is imperative to deepen relations between our countries, first of all in cultural and educational fields, involving the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education of Moldova. Therefore, we could invite young people to study in Indonesia at the expense of our university on the recommendation of the embassy, ​​giving them all the necessary support, under an additional agreement “, Mr. Acad stated.

Vice-Rector Igor Munteanu: “ULIM is an academic platform where students from outside easily integrate”

On the other hand, Igor Munteanu thanked the Ambassador Diar Nurbintoro for including ULIM in the agenda of meetings and stressed that ULIM is a modern university with exceptional opportunities for foreign students, who can study many international languages. “ULIM is an academic platform appreciated by foreign partners from developed countries, where students from abroad easily integrate and get the advantage of obtaining qualifications in professions demanded on the labor market in the world,” Igor Munteanu says.


Vizita Ambasadorului Italiei la ULIM

Vineri, 13 martie curent, conducerea Universităţii Libere Internaţionale din Republica Moldova a avut o întrevedere protocolară cu Excelenţa Sa, domnul Enrico Nunziata, Ambasadorul Italiei în Republica Moldova, aflat pentru prima dată în vizită la ULIM. Pe parcursul întrevederii au fost abordate multiple aspecte privind intensificarea relaţiilor bilaterale în diverse domenii.

Rectorul ULIM, Academicianul Andrei Galben şi-a manifestat interesul pentru stabilirea unor raporturi de colaborare în domeniul educaţional, ştiinţific şi cultural prin prisma proceselor de modernizare şi globalizare a societăţii contemporane, propunând instituirea unei Aule Naţionale – Aula Italia în cadrul universităţii, unde se vor desfăşura activităţi specifice învăţământului superior, dar şi activităţi de ordin diplomatic. De asemenea, în incinta viitoarei aule, ca şi în cele deja existente, se vor desfăşura orele de curs pentru studenţi. În prezent, ULIM are instituite circa 38 de aule, create în baza acordurilor cu reprezentanţii a 38 de state.
La rândul său, Excelenţa Sa, domnul Enrico Nunziata s-a arătat încântat de propunerile conducerii ULIM, asigurând suportul logistic al ambasadei pentru inaugurarea aulei Italiei la ULIM.

La întrevederea cu delegaţia italiană a participat şi Prim-Vicerectorul ULIM, Ana Guţu care a accentuat promovarea valorilor culturale în spiritul multiculturalismului, recomandând Ambasadorului Italiei în Republica Moldova organizarea în comun cu reprezentanții Camerei de Comerț și Industrie moldo-italiană a unui Târg al meseriilor și stagiilor profesionale exercitate în cadrul diverselor companii cu capital moldo-italian, care va crea pârghiile necesare încadrării studenților ULIM la diverse stagii de pregătire profesională, precum și recrutării ulterioare a absolvenților ULIM în cadrul acestor întreprinderi cu capital mixt moldo-italian. La rândul său, Ambasadorul a asigurat conducerea ULIM de realizarea și promovarea pe deplin a propunerilor parvenite în cadrul discuțiilor, precum și fructificarea potențialului existent în relațiile academice și socio-culturale bilaterale, atât la nivel instituțional, cât și universitar.

De asemenea, la întrevedere a fost prezentă şi doamna Corina Cojocaru, Vicerector Relaţii Internaţionale şi Parteneriat Strategic ULIM, care a reiterat similitudinile culturale şi politice dintre Republica Moldova şi Italia, precum şi importanţa consolidării unor relaţii de parteneriat între instituţiile universitare din Italia şi Universitatea Liberă Internaţională din Republica Moldova, în vederea realizării unor proiecte de cercetare comune, mobilităţii profesorilor şi studenţilor.

În acest context, domnul Nicolae Ţâu, Vicerector Relaţii Internaţionale, ULIM a susţinut iniţiativa diplomatului italian de a participa la fondarea Centrului de cultură italiană în cadrul universităţii pentru promovarea istoriei şi valorilor culturale italiene, accentuând importanța colaborării noastre cu diverse centre universitare din Italia.

În alocuţiunea sa, Excelenţa Sa a manifestat un interes sporit pentru evenimentele care au loc sistematic la ULIM, inclusiv vizitele ambasadorilor străini, organizarea meselor rotunde şi a seminarelor pe diferite teme.

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